• Lion Studios, a game development company based in California, is a company famous for publishing popular mobile games that are colourful and entertaining. One of the more known games of the studio is Happy Glass that was developed and unveiled to the market in 2018. Though it may be primarily an mobile game, the online port was still made available to the public shortly after its actual launch. Happy Glass is probably the gaming studio’s hits, with its highest placing as #1 free to play game on Play Store in 2018. Though the game is largely targeted for a younger audience, it can still be enjoyed by gamers of all ages.

    Happy Glass’ game play is in fact pretty easy to comprehend. There is a sad glass and it can turn into a “Happy Glass” when it gets the water that it needs. Players are able to do the goal of the game by drawing a line that steers the water toward the sad glass. There are lots of other blockages per level that are added into the game to make things more interesting. If the glass is not packed with the right amount of water, it will remain the sad all the same. If this is what will happen, then the players will surely need to do the level yet again.

    At first glance, the game might seem a little too simple and even effortless. Having said that, there are always different objects that boost the challenge in each level. At present, there are 500 existing levels that will possibly urge any player to accomplish each level more. Luckily, the challenges do not stop at that. There are also different ratings per level. The best is three and players may get the maximum rating by finishing the levels by drawing the least amount of lines and finishing the trial as fast as possible. Furthermore, play happy glass are also integrated in the game to create more intricacies. There things like immovable objects, movable objects, spinning objects, hot surfaces, areas that cannot be drawn on, multiple glasses, multiple spouts for the water, and different glass directions.

    Besides those things, there are also cosmetic items in the game. Cosmetics are known for maintaining a players’ interest and enthusiasm towards the game. The first cosmetics is for the water, where 15 colors are offered and sold for 1000 coins each. The glass, which has a distinct face, can also be changed to 11 others for the price of 150 to 4000 coins. Finally, the pencils also have 10 cosmetics of its own worth 150 to 2000 coins. By fully watching certain in-game advertisements or purchasing through real cash, players can get coins. Finally, the last feature are mini games that are accessed through advertisements. Mostly, the mini games are chance based where players can get their coins. These various qualities of the game are perfectly interwoven by the matching graphics and sounds of Happy Glass that can only be described as appropriately cute. Players would hear the distinct pencil sounds while drawing on a level.

    Even if Happy Glass is a kid’s game, its features make it a very fun game for gamers of every age group.

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  • Either way, video games have received numerous criticisms because of their effects in different individuals. The current situation around the world has led to restricted or even prohibited gatherings and it’s getting hard to go out and do the fun things that are usually done before the pandemic. Because of this, some people are looking for different ways to keep themselves from going crazy and forget their worries for quite some time.

    To help combat such a form of social isolation, many individuals are now turning to video games to maintain social distancing and just stay at home for the time being. When you say video games these days, you are talking about online games that can be played by different users even if they are from different places and they can’t go out and bond with each other. Families who want to spend time together and have some fun without having to spend more just like when they have to go out and go somewhere else will also have a great option.

    Take your time to become a self-quarantine gamer while you collapse deep in your comfort zone and enjoy some video games that might interest you. Although these games are known to consume much of your valuable hours, there are also some rewards for this kind of investment, unlike others. While https://sites.google.com/view/old-school-runescape-pc can sit a bit straighter in front of your desktop or mobile phone or as you hold your game consoles, y you can try some of the games listed below.

    Sports events were postponed and we don’t know when they will resume so it’s preferable to try sports video games at home to at least feel some live action. Among the sports simulation games that came out this year, NBA20K is by far the best. Create the ultimate team in the MyTeam game mode by playing the game and collecting cards of your favorite players then you can take it to the court when you can play in the MyCareer mode. You can also take your team and play throughout the season in preparation for the MyLeague where you can take the Larry O’Brien trophy.

    Minecraft is a game that lets you show your building skills and creativity in because you can play nearly anything that you like. Visit different Minecraft landscapes where you can explore, build, mine, and battle to gain resources that you can use in your projects. If you prefer a versatile game, play it in every platform available, including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Xbox One, and PS4 to see on your own.

    Fortnite has taken the world of gaming by storm because of its well-known gameplay and the dances that avatars can perform, which led it to still be one of the top choices among gamers today. In one of its popular game modes called Battle Royale, up to 100 players can play by themselves, in a duo, or a team of up to four members. It is an elimination mode that requires them to search for items, weapons, and vehicles that they can use to eliminate their enemies until such time that there is only one left standing.

    •Clash Royale
    Play the real-time multiplayer game called Clash Royale and take your strategy to a higher level with your favorite Royales and Clash characters when you. Get to experience the perfect combination of tower defense games, collectible card games, and the core gameplay structure of MOBA. When you have collected as many cards as you can, you can upgrade your deck to gain spells and defenses and you can use these to knock the enemies in their towers.

    •Old School RuneScape
    Play the Old School RuneScape game if you need to feel a bit nostalgic with the elements of the once-popular RuneScape. It is your kind of game that has a unique blend of complex mechanics of the modern open-world fantasy MMORPG and the classic point-and-click gameplay of the early MMOs. Its mobile version has an innovative cross-platform approach so you can play it in any comfortable spot you have.

    •Aim Trainer
    If you have a problem playing first-person shooters games because you aren't good at aiming and shooting properly, then Aim Trainer is a game that you can try. Let the sniper rifle help you in boosting your aim and shooting when you download and play it on your mobile devices. Enjoy its many features and game modes while you can also customize the scopes that you want to use.

    Kids right now are also as bored as adults and no one can deny this fact so it helps to involve them in activities that foster bonding for all ages. Because it has various activities that can be done together with each other, Poptropica is a casual game that both kids and adults will surely enjoy. Play some of the arcade games against other players and make your identity when you customize your character and avatar.

    •ABCya! Games
    With the current situation, parents are hesitant to send their children back to school while the opening of classes has been postponed or even canceled in other places because of the risk of being exposed to the deadly virus. ABCya.com is an educational gaming website that is safe for kids to use and it can help them continue their academic learning and enhance other aspects of their education. However, you need a subscription or account to gain access to more than 250 games and activities as well as regular fresh content to improve various skills.
    These days, most kids are already exposed to any kind of gadgets, which both has advantages and disadvantages. The ongoing quarantine has also led them to turn to these devices just to keep them entertained because they can’t go out and play even in their yard. Because their daily lives used to require them to go out, the adults also have the same encounter. For several months already, there is no doubt that sanity has been greatly tested.

    You should be thankful that these video games are already accessible and can be played in almost any type of device. Because people have a lot of free time, they already have something to do while stuck inside their home.

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  • ABCya Games describes itself as “the best educational platform for kids and teachers”. It was produced by public school teacher Alan Tortolani in 2004 with his students in mind. The game was initially registered under the website domain ABCya.com by Tortolani in order to make a brand which is easily remembered and typed by children. ABCYa Games can be played both on its website medium and also on mobile devices as an application. It is available internationally in over 150 countries.

    The fundamental aim of ABCya is “edutainment” which is to educate children whilst capturing their enjoyment. There are https://sites.google.com/view/abcya-pc that ABCya, as a software, has always considered before and during its continuous development. To start off, kids have quite low attention spans and can be dispassionate about certain subjects instantly. The second thing that ABCya considered is that the learning process of kids should be a nonstop and everyday process. ABCya reconciled these two realities not just as a mere fact but also as an opportunity. The outcome is a balanced application not only for kids, but also for parents and teachers; essentially educating and capturing the attention of children.

    ABCya is not just one game. It is more of a platform where over 250 specially developed games are compiled, making access not only widely accessible for any of its users, it also allows extensive selections for children which aims to avoid one of the glaring difficulties parents and teachers face - boredom. Moreover, every month there are additional new games so that its young users will never get bored of. The ability to freely choose what children want to play while also helping parents and teachers know what their child or student enjoy are some of the reasons why new games are usually added by ABCya.

    Since ABCya believes in always assimilating learning with fun, apart from its regular features, it has also incorporated several other features that make it an effective “edutainment” instrument. By grouping ABCya’s games into different grade levels, the appropriateness of the application and all its content is assured. There are https://www.pinterest.com/abcya_pc/abcya in total, starting from pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, grade 1, grade 2, grade 3, grade 4, grade 5, and lastly, grade 6. Noticeably, games become more complex as the grade increases. Where grade 1 games are all about repetitious action with simple instructions, higher grades would involve more problem solving in niche subjects like aviary.

    Another critical feature of ABCya is that there is a wide number of games. The games can be knowledge type ones like normal school subjects such as math, science or english, or more creative games like ABCya Animate or ABCya Paint. This genre division enforces the sign of variance that ABCya wants to maintain.

    Even though it is a game for children, ABCya had also been able to take into account even the parents or teachers. The beauty of ABCya, however, is how it strives to make learning a fun process and how its young users do not even realize how their knowledge in various subjects is flourishing.

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  • Your new adventure begins when you explore a world that will enable you to be creative and show who you actually are. Gacha Life is a free casual game for anime fans like you. And to better enjoy the game, there are certain things that you need to know about it.

    Ever wondered what Gacha really means?
    Originally, Gacha is a toy machine in Japan where a customer puts money into and you will usually see one that is similar to a loot box. However, you need to crank the twist so a plastic egg will pop out and it will give you a prize you can exchange for a collectible figure so that you can complete the whole set. Just like in video games, you have to spend in-game currency to buy a random item and you will receive a Gacha as your reward.

    Why is Gacha Life really popular, specifically among young girls and teens?
    When you get your favorite characters at some point, you could dress them up as you visit different scenes in the game. You can play a total of 8 games and you also earn gems that you can use to get Gacha, which are basically gifts or items that give energy to your characters when their stamina gets low. Gacha Life also enables giving these items to other players in order to advance their friendship level. The Studio Mode enables you to create brief character skits and you can chat with other players so you get to know them well.

    Is it any good to play Gacha Life?
    Kids who love to create avatars and give them their favorite outfits love this multi-activity app. It could be quite complicated, however, in terms of the energy of the characters. Gachalife might be the game for you if you want a game with many activities.

    How would you like to try the Skit Builder where you create simple animated features?
    Most players use it to creatively express themselves. You'll have a good way to let out what you feel as you customize different scenes according to what you want to tell. If you have a story, you would like other players to know about it.

    Since the game is often played by the younger audience, is it really safe?
    The safety of every app that their children download is often one of the worries of parents. Both parents and kids must be careful. Because Skit builder is usually used by other players to create inappropriate content that is not actually included in the app and the videos are posted online, you ought to be extra cautious when you use it.

    What should be done when kids were exposed to such unsafe conduct?
    You need to speak to them as parents about what they should do in case they encounter such things. It is important is to make them understand that they should focus on other things besides appearance. It's better to be safe immediately than to do it later on and you'll be full of regrets.

    For kids who are wondering, how should you create your Gacha Life Character?
    In the beginning, you'll have 8 slots but you can first try with one character and see the game features before you complete the set. You can have additional characters afterwards so you'll have a more genuine feel of the game. The personalities among your characters also needs to have a more realistic combination so they will not look ridiculous. You may want something funny but what other users will perceive might be the opposite.

    Can you really make your Gacha Life characters more alive?
    You'll be creating screenshots so be sure to adjust your characters where they will behave based on the story and the situation. It is good that they also open their mouth whenever they speak However, it isn't a good idea to make them all speak all at once so one chat bubble at one time will do. The speaking character should also face the one that he is also talking to and it must not look the other way. You could try different poses and emotes throughout the conversations because these will also make them more alive. Make their body language more natural so the interaction will be more lively.

    What should you avoid while playing the game?
    Be sure to avoid the bullies should you come across them. Really, it is not good to kill off a character, like getting him involved in a car crash. Why not try other ways since this is the most frequent approach to killing someone? What about you try some Final Destination effect if you will be capable of doing it?

    You can always make a joke but why not do it properly? You can’t just burst out something lame about clothes and other stuff. Why not consider hurling a very catchy punchline because the game is about creativity?

    Always have the story straight and be good with your objectives. You can be spontaneous but you need also to be cautious. It is not just you but there are also others who are part of the game. Make the most of your time to enjoy the game but you also need to be mindful of others.

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  • From the creators of the classic Tribal Wars game, InnoGames released 2D browser-based strategy game Forge of Empires in 2012, which was also made accessible to iOS and Android two and three years after, respectively. Play the game to experience history once more by ruling a territory through various stages of human civilization. You are going to establish your own city from a small village during the Stone Age and develop it into a mighty empire during the modern times.

    Become a king or a lord when you have the right strategy, diplomacy, and military in order to create a mark in history when you dominate the playing field in various times. You will end up conquering other cities to expand your empire and challenge other players to win in battles. Furthermore, Forge of Empires En can gain can be used to expand your empire while you lead it from the humble beginning during the old days to the modern times.

    For a big fan of online strategy games like you, Forge of Empires is a game you'll definitely love to play. However, you have to know the importance of a well-planned city if you would like play the game effectively and enjoy its full potential. Growing and manufacturing your resources will help to support your inhabitants and sustain your troops that will defend your territory or take down other settlements close to you.

    Forge Points are also important if you wish to conduct research and move your empire ahead. Utilize them well when you explore new technologies, trade your goods, or level up the Great Buildings. In case you run out of them, you can wait for another hour when you get replenishment of one Forge Point or buy using coins or Diamonds if you are in a rush. Get all 10 Forge Points and you will stop receiving them so you've got to use them in your quests, specifically when doing research for new technologies.

    Actually, I am not into strategy games because I prefer casual and puzzle games if I want a couple of minutes off from my busy schedule. However, I was a little curious about the game since it's not the same as other strategy games that I am aware of. So I chose to give it a go and see for myself if it is a good game and if I have to keep on playing or maybe give it up and proceed to other games.

    The game has a humble beginning through the Stone Age and one of its features is growing territories, which makes it more and more interesting as I play along. Playing the game isn't just constrained within the City because players can also see the bigger world outside while they can also discover what is beyond the territory. As I continue to grow and develop my City, I do not have adequate space left for more buildings.

    Doing the exploration and expansion is not an easy feat because the outside territories aren't vacant and if you’re not fortunate enough, you will face hostile inhabitants that you must fight with. That is why you must train your troop and produce a powerful army in order to easily conquer new territories and win battles against the occupants. Negotiating can be one of your choices so you have to test your skills well in discussing with other players in order to gain power over a specific territory.

    Though I would like to make things fast, time is a limited resource so I need to patiently wait for the next step. In addition, I did other things, including checking what I already have, adding more buildings if possible, and training an extra army to enhance my troop. The game has various features that will intrigue you after you have started playing it, which makes it more interesting and challenging. Furthermore, it isn't just the strategy that you will develop while you play along but there are more skills you will improve and I want you to discover them by downloading the game and playing it by yourself.

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